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ION8650 data update/refresh rate

Published date: 21 May 2020

The rate of data update in ION meters 

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ION meter advanced setup

The data update or refresh rate varies depending on whether a high or a low-speed module is under consideration.


The ION meters have both high-speed and low-speed standard ION modules. For example, an HS power meter module is a high-speed ION module that updates data every half cycle, i.e 10 ms. Whereas, standard ION modules like Arithmetic module, Analog out module or Alert module, they are slow speed modules and update data every 1 second.

If you link a standard ION module to a high-speed ION module, the update rate is determined by the slower module. To take advantage of the fast update rate, only choose high-speed modules in your high-speed framework. The number of high-speed modules is limited, so use them only when necessary.

Also, a high-speed ION module like HS power meter module can be used to send data to an external SCADA system, provided that SCADA system can manage the update rate of 1 second. 


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