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How to get a P or H Micrologic trip unit out of ERMS mode when there is no ERMS switch installed?

Published date: 21 August 2018

ERMS is flashing on the trip unit display, and the customer does not have an ERMS switch installed.

6.0P trip unit stuck in ERMS mode from the factory. ERMS is flashing on the trip unit display.   Customer does not have any ERMS switch installed.  IO module is set to application 1 (cradle management) and only the I2 and I3 LED are on.

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Micrologic 5.0P,6.0P,5.0H,6.0H trip unit models on Powerpact P, R and Masterpact NT, NW circuit breakers

Make a Jumper and install on IO module terminals C to I4 (ERMS off command).  Set IO module to application 3 (cradle management and ERMS), then validate*.  Wait for trip unit to turn ERMS off (no ERMS blinking).  Set IO module back to app 1, then validate*.  Then remove C/I4 jumper.

*validate: Press the test/reset button in the time range of 5-15 seconds.

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