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With only 3 logic/digital inputs, can you use 2 preset speeds with the S-Flex Altivar 212?

Published date: 16 March 2020

With only F, R and RES terminals, can you use 2-preset speeds with the S-Flex Altivar 212?

Product Line:
Altivar ATV212 SFlex


Wiring / Programming

This can be accomplished by programming VIA to function as a Logic input, as follows:
Press Mode to AUF (Quick Menu) Enter, scroll down and set LL (Low Limit) to your 1st preset
Mode back to AUF - scroll down to F - - - (Extended Menu) and press Enter
F109 = 2 (assigns VIA as a logic input)
F118 = 6 (assigns the preset speed function to VIA)
Mode back to AUF, scroll down to
SR1.. Enter and set to your desired High/Preset Speed
Close a contact between P24 and VIA to run at high/preset speed, open that contact to run at the LL - Low Speed setting

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