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How can Runtime Data on a Magelis HMI be managed upon downloading to the HMI from Vijeo Designer?

Published date: 29 June 2020


How can Runtime Data (Recipe Data, Security Settings, Target Settings) still on a Magelis HMI be managed (deleted or preserved) upon downloading a modified project to the HMI from Vijeo Designer?

Product Line

Vijeo Designer, Magelis HMI


Vijeo Designer software configuration


Upon downloading to a Magelis HMI using Vijeo Designer, the data that is kept on the HMI or deleted from the HMI can be managed using the "Preserve Run-Time Data" settings.

Three types of Data can be managed from this setting dialog:

  1. Recipe Data
  2. Security Settings
  3. Target System Settings



  1. In the Vijeo Manager screen list of nodes, click on the HMI's Name Node to display the General Settings. This is the first node underneath the Project name and is by default called "Target01". The General Settings window will appear.
  2. Left click on the General Tab button (above Network).
  3. There will be a setting called "Preserve Run-Time Data", put a tick in the checkbox if it not already been enabled.
  4. Left click on the Ellipses [...] button next to Preserve Run-Time Data. The Preserve Run-Time Data dialog will appear.
  5. Here you can choose the data to be preserved during the next project download to the HMI.
  6. Left click the OK button to accept the changes


Result: The next subsequent download to the HMI will respect the changes in the Preserve Run-Time Data dialog.


To delete all types of data from the HMI, tick the checkbox labeled Delete All Run-Time Data. When the checkbox is ticked:

  • Saved Recipe Data stored on the Main Drive that are not stored to a Secondary (SD Card) or Optional drive (USB stick) will be replaced with the Recipe Data in the current project upon download.
  • Previously saved Security Settings (including users and password) will be replaced by the current project settings.
  • Target System Settings including Network Configuration Menu items (IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, DHCP, etc) will be replaced by the current project settings.
  • Persistent Variable data will also be deleted.


To Preserve Recipe Data, Security Settings, Target Settings or a combination of the three:

Uncheck the Delete All Run-Time Data checkbox, and the Data File types that have the checkbox ticked will be preserved.

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