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Cannot read voltage values on Sepam 20

Published date: 20 May 2020

Sepam 20 does not show voltage values on the front display or via communications

Product Line
Sepam series 20


Sepam 20 relays measure voltage OR current.

Sepam 20 models that use current transformer (CT) or low power current transformer (LPCT) sensors measure current and not voltage. Models that measure current only are S20, S24, T20, T24, and M20 (please refer to table below)
​Sepam 20 models that use voltage transformer (VT) sensors measure voltage and not current. Models that measure voltage only are B21 and B22 (please refer to table below)

Application Type Sensor
Substation S20 CT or LPCT
  S24 CT or LPCT
Transformer T20 CT or LPCT
  T24 CT or LPCT
Motor M20 CT or LPCT
Busbar B21  VT
  B22 VT
* Table is an excerpt from "Order Form Sepam 20", available from the Schneider Electric website:

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