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What are the recommended CT part numbers for the iEM3000 series meters?

Published date: 27 September 2019

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iEM3000 series meter

Current connection with iEM3000 series meter

In addition to using the part number guide to select the correct meter, CTs are required for the application

Refer to the table for the recommended CT for the iEM3000 series meter:
iEM3000 series meter Recommended CT
iEM31xx 63A Direct with Class 1 Accuracy
iEM32xx 1A or 5A CT with Class 0.5S Accuracy
iEM33xx 125A Direct with Class 1 Accuracy
iEM34xx 0.333V or 1.0V LVCT with Class 0.5S Accuracy
iEM35xx Rogowski coil (Rope CT) with Class 0.5S Accuracy
Note: Only for iEM32xx used with 5A CTs

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