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Com’X 510 enable upstream network access

Published date: 04 June 2020

How to enable upstream network access on Com'X 510 energy server?

Product Line

Web server 
Allowing downstream devices to access upstream network 

  • In Firewall Management, you can enable upstream network access
  • This allows downstream devices to access servers (such as DNS, SNTP, and SMTP) on the upstream network
  • The table below describes the downstream interface (where the message originated) and the upstream interface on which the message will be forwarded, based on your network selection
Network Option Downstream (from) Upstream (to)
GPRS/3G only Ethernet Port 2 GPRS/3G
GPRS/3G and switched network -- --
Wi-Fi only Ethernet Port 2 Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi and switched network -- --
2 Switched Ports (1 IP address for both) Upstream network access not available
2 Separate Ports (1 IP address for each) Ethernet Port 2 Ethernet Port 1
  • For example, with the Com’X configured to use two separate Ethernet ports, an IFE connected downstream on Com’X Ethernet Port 2 can send emails to EcoStruxure Facility Expert through Ethernet Port 1
  • Upstream network access is disabled by default. When enabled, access adapts to the network configuration in Network Settings
  • Go to Com'X 510 web server --->Settings-->Security-->Firewall Management-->Network Access--> Yes (to enable upstream network access)
  • If Network Access settings are not found on Settings-->Security-->Firewall Management page, check Com'X 510 firmware version. It may need an upgrade. For example, if the FW is 2.2.6, it first needs to be upgraded to 3.6.3 and then to 5.2.0 to enable upstream network access functionality 
  • To download latest firmware version 5.2.0, refer to FA274919
  • To download firmware version 3.6.3, click on this link Com'X 510 v3.6.3 Firmware​
  • For instructions on how to upgrade Com' X firmware, refer to FA270261

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