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SoMachine v4.3 - Blank green screen appears when application is launched in Windows 10

Published date: 17 June 2020

SoMachine launches with a blank green screen and I cannot open the Logic Builder. What do I do?
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SoMachine v4.3 on Windows 10
Windows 10 Update 1809 had an unexpected effect of causing the SoMachine green border to take up the entire screen when upon launching SoMachine on a PC with two or more monitors if the left-most display is not set as the primary display (Display 1).
There are 4 methods to solve this issue upon launching SoMachine. Please choose the one most convenient for you:
Method 1 - Change the Shortcut properties to always launch on Display 1:
1) Close SoMachine
2) Right-click on your SoMachine v4.3 Shortcut (or create a copy of it)
3) Go to "Properties"
4) In the "Shortcut" Tab, next to "Run:", select "Maximized".
5) Click OK
6) Launch SoMachine from this shortcut.
Method 2 - Change the order of your display devices:
1) Close SoMachine
2) Set the left-most display of your multiple monitors to be the Main display (Display 1 in Windows)
3) Run SoMachine
Method 3 - Disconnect secondary monitors temporarily:
1) Close SoMachine
2) Disconnect the 2nd monitor (or just set your video card to Duplicate one monitor)
3) Run SoMachine.
From this point, you should be able to enable your second monitor as per normal.
Method 4 - Only use the Logic Builder as a Standalone component:
Install the Logic Builder Standalone component from SoMachine Configuration Manager and start directly the Logic Builder component instead of using SoMachine Central.

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