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How to upgrade firmware version of PM8000 to 2.1.0

Published date: 05 September 2019

User would like to upgrade the firmware version on PM8000 to 2.1.0 (V002.001.000)

Production Line
PM8000 Series

PM8000 Series Firmware Upgrade

Firmware version 2.1.0 (V002.001.000) provides new feature support. It also enhances meter performance, memory architecture, and firmware upgrade speeds.
Details on what's new in the firmware v2.1.0 can be found in the document attached to this article.

The upgrade is recommended to be performed in the following steps:
1. Download the upgrade found in the following link
2. Make sure you have ION Setup 3.1 or later (Go to Help -> About ION Setup)
3. Back-up customer meter web pages, frameworks, and meter templates
4. Make sure you have direct ethernet TCP connection with the meter as upgrading over serial or ethernet gateway is not recommended
5.  a. Start ION Setup and connect to your meter.

    b. Open Setup Assistant and navigate to Template > Upgrade.
    c. Click Upgrade and navigate to the saved upgrade ZIP file.
    d. Select the upgrade ZIP file and click Open. The Compressed Device Upgrade Package window displays the updates to be installed in the order listed.
    e. Select the components you want to upgrade.
        PM8000 firmware V2.1.0 package contains three updates to be applied in the order listed.
                i. V001.088.000.upg
                ii. V002.001.000.upx
                iii. UpgradeAgent_V002.001.000.upx
    f. Select the desired settings and readings to be retained
    g. Click OK. Click Proceed to start the upgrade process. Do not interrupt the process until all the selected components have been upgraded.

Details on the procedure can be found in the technical note attached to this article.

The following links will also be helpful:

The firmware release notes can be found in the link below:

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