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What happens when communication is lost with the TeSys Island Controller?

Published date: 07 October 2019

TeSys Island communication loss 

Product Line: 
Tesys Island

Digital multifunctional load management solution 

With either Modbus TCP or EtherNet/IP, communication loss with the controller is detected by the Bus Coupler. There is a configurable parameter "Communication Loss Timeout". After that number of seconds, the system will go into "Degraded Mode". In degraded mode, all outputs are set to a fallback position - for Load and Device Avatars, this is off/open/0. All data is reported as zero/default. Upon restoration of communication, the behavior depends on the setting "Enter Degraded Mode Auto-Reset". If this is set to YES then the system will exit degraded mode and start executing commands again. If this is set to NO, then a System Restart command or power cycle is required.

  • For Modbus TCP, communication loss is defined as not receiving a write to the IO Scanning registers
  • For EtherNet/IP, communication loss is defined as closing the explicit owner connection

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