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Power Monitoring Expert 9.0 – Device Status Alarm (PG1 Pulse Out – Could not parse results) VIP.DDD

Published date: 20 September 2019

In PME Web Alarm > Recent Incidents screen getting alarm Device Status Alarm (PG1 Pulse Out – Could not parse results) VIP.DDD for every 5minutes.

PME Web Alarms

During analysis it was found that couple of data import modules (‘Update DDD Table’ and ‘Update DDD Sources Table’) inside VIP.DDD executes the stored procedure throwing below error -
Database Import Module: Operation is not allowed when the object is closed. 
These errors are visible in the alarm/incidents screen with every 5-minute interval as ‘Update DDD Table’ DIM module is triggered every 5 minutes by Update "DDD Merge module" (i.e PG1 Pulse Out register).
Hence getting lots of nuisance alarms in PME web> Alarms > Recent Incidents screen-  

When DIM executes select query it won’t throw any error, but issue is with execution of stored procedure queries as they are not resulting any rows.

Resolution 1:
The alarm and event that is getting generated by DDD module is insignificant and has no impact on the system. To disable these alarms/events change the Event Priority value of the specific DIM module "Update DDD Table" and “Update DDD Sources Table” to below 127 as shown below.​​​​

Resolution 2:
Open PME Designer > File > Open > VIP.DDD and

Update the query in "Update DDD Table" Data Import Module as below
Query from:
EXECUTE [ION_Data].[dbo].[spDDD_Update_Data] @aggregationSeconds = 60, @pastDays = 180
Update query to:
DECLARE @return_value int
EXEC @return_value=[ION_Data].[dbo].[spDDD_Update_Data] @aggregationSeconds=60@pastDays = 180
SELECT 'Return Value'=@return_value

Update the query in " Update DDD Sources Table " as below
Query from:
EXECUTE [ION_Data].[dbo].[spDDD_Insert_Sources]
Update query to:
DECLARE @return_value int
EXEC @return_value=[ION_Data].[dbo].[spDDD_Insert_Sources]
SELECT 'Return Value'=@return_value

Save VIP.DDD and close designer, wait for 5minutes, now you can observe the alarms screen and notice that the no more new alarms related to ‘Device Status Alarms’.

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