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Does the Magelis HMI communicate to the Siemens LOGO! PLC?

Published date: 23 August 2019

Looking for a Magelis HMI that is able to communicate to the Siemens LOGO! PLC.

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Today, Vijeo Designer V6.2 only supports one PLC model in the Siemens LOGO! series. This model is the OBA7. Currently the only driver available is the Siemens TCP/IP Ethernet driver.

To add this to your application,

1) Create a new target (HMIGTO)
2) Goto the I/O Manager and 
3) Right click and select "New Driver"
4) In the dialog, select "Siemens AG" as the Manufacturer
5) For driver, select "SIMATIC S7 Ethernet"
6) For equipment, select "LOGO! OBA7"
7) Enter the IP address for the PLC in the Equipment Configuration dialog box that appears.

Regarding the different device address types. Here is a brief explanation of what they are used for:

V --> Variable memory bit address
E --> Input memory bit address
A --> Output memory bit address
M --> Memory bit address
VW --> Variable memory word address
EW --> Input memory word address
AW  ---> Output memory word address
MW  ---> Memory word address

These are the different types of memory registers available on the Siemens LOGO! OBA7

Depending on the type of variable you want to create, you would do the following:

use V, E, A, M for BIT or BOOLEAN variables
use VW, EW, AW, MW for Integer, Real, or String variables


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