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"This page can't be displayed" when trying to open Web Applications for PME 9.0

Published date: 09 September 2019

Web Applications does not open and shows "This page can't be displayed" when opened in Internet Explorer ("This site can’t be reached" in Google Chrome). Querying the Diagnostics.LogEvent table in the ApplicationModules database shows the error "Encryption key not found in registry".

Product Line
PME 9.0

Web Applications

This error can occur when the w3wp.exe process is checking the wrong directory for the SystemKey in the registry, which can happen due to Microsoft updates or uninstalling and reinstalling the system without cleaning out the registry.


1. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
2. Expand the <server name> and select Application Pools
3. Right-click Application Modules AppPool > Advanced Settings
4. Set Enable 32-Bit Applications to "True"
6. Open a windows Command window (cmd.exe) using "Run as Administrator" and run iisreset

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