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How to stop a user from getting logged out of the web applications due to inactivity in PME 9.0 and PME 2020?

Published date: 09 March 2020

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 9.0
Power Monitoring Expert 2020

Web Applications
Vista, Designer, Management Console

As of PME 9.0 the user will be logged out of the web applications after 20 minutes of no activity. This also applies to the thick client applications such as Vista/Designer/Management Console.

This setting can be adjusted to prevent it from logging out the user or extend the timeout.

For PME 9.0:

Browse to http://HOSTNAME/systemdataservice/timeoutsettings​ where HOSTNAME is the server name of the application server. This allows a default timeout value to be specified. The web applications and the thick client applications can have different timeout values. Setting the value to 0 removes the timeout altogether, although for security reasons, it is not recommended.

For PME 2020:

As of PME 2020 the Session Timeout settings have been added to Web Applications. To configure the session timeout navigate to Web Applications > Settings > Security > Session Timeout. This will provide the options to disable or specify a default timeout value.

Note: A timeout value from 1 minute to 1440 minutes (1 day) is allowed.

Additional Information

PME automatically times out inactive client sessions. Web Applications clients are logged out and Windows application clients (Vista, Designer, Management Console) are locked after a period of inactivity. The timeout period is configurable, it is set to 20 minutes by default.

To restart or unlock the session the login credentials must be entered. A session is considered inactive, if none of the following actions are detected:
  • Mouse movement
  • Mouse click
  • Keyboard activity
  • Touch screen activity

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