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How to Calculate the Average for an Analog point in ClearSCADA?

Published date: 15 September 2019

ClearSCADA provides some algorithms that can be used to calculate the max, min, average, etc. of a point.

Here are the steps to calculate the average of a point:
  1. Create a "Calculation Point" right-click on the group where you want to create the calculation point, select Create New, select "Calculation" and then select "Analog Point". In this example we have a calculation point called “Calculation Analog Point” and an analog point called “Level” which we want to get its average.

  2. Make sure you have enabled Historic of Level Point (so that you can use "OPC Historic Tag" of the Level point). 

  3. In the calculation tab of the Calculation Analog Point click browse and select "OPC Historic Tag" to select the average expression.

  4. Browse to select the Level point and select the Algorithm “Average of values” in Start Date Select “D” and Interval “1D” and press ok as shown below.

    After press ok.

  5. Change the Trigger Conditions (of Calculation Analog Point) to be "Periodic" and Interval to be 1M(this will update the average every 1 Minute) and Offset to be Day as shown below.

    Once configured this way, save the configuration of the Calculation Analog Point, put the mimic in runtime mode you will get the daily average of the Level point.

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