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How to Resolve “target is not alive” in SCADAPack Workbench?

Published date: 15 September 2019

A common problem in SCADAPack Workbench happens when trying to download a logic using a serial port. The problem is “Download failed for Device: SCADAPack300E: The target running on the device: SCADAPack300E is not alive….”  as shown below.

What causes this problem may be one of the following:
  1. The SCADAPack RTU may be powered off
  2. RS232 to USB converter driver is not installed or installed unsuccessfully (it is recommended to use Schneider Converter “TSXCUSB232”)
  3. Incorrect serial cable used (it is recommended to use Schneider Serial Cable “TBUM297217”).
  4. Microsoft Windows serial com port you assigned for this connection is busy.
  5. The configured RTU serial port function has a wrong function – it shall be ISaGRAF
  6. Communication settings (Com Port, Baud rate, Parity)
Hint: It is recommended to try to use the RTU serial port to download the configuration itself from SCADAPack E Configurator to make sure that the serial cable is working well, serial port is working as RS232, and the RS232 to USB converter driver is installed successfully on the computer but don’t forget to change the RTU pot function from DNP3 to ISaGRAF to proceed for downloading your logic in Workbench.

  1. Make sure that the com port settings are the same in the computer and Workbench as shown in the following photos

  2. Check the serial port configuration in the SCADAPack E Configurator where you connect your serial cable as shown

    Note: After downloading the configuration file to the RTU you have to read the configuration to make sure that the modifications you made has been downloaded to the RTU.
  3. Remove the front cover of the RTU and make sure that the jumper beside the serial port used for downloading the logic is on RS232 as shown

  4. You may also Increase the Connection Timeout in the SCADAPack Workbench as shown


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