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Why do Machine IDs Frequently Change in ClearSCADA ?

Published date: 16 September 2019

As the Machine ID is based on the hard disk and network adapter's MAC address, changing your physical hardware may change your Machine ID.
Adding new hardware may cause the Machine ID displayed on the License Details windows to change. File based licenses generated against the old Machine ID will still be usable as long as the hardware it was generated against is present.
Removing hardware may also change the Machine ID. If a file-based license was generated against the hardware that is being removed, the old file-based license will no longer validate and a replacement must be ordered.
Re-installing Windows may cause the Machine ID to change as the hard disk volume information may be modified during the installation process.
Some network adapters can change MAC address during normal operation. Such adapters are not suitable for generation of Machine IDs. Such adapters may include:
  • Link aggregating network adapters. These adapters may switch MAC address every time they switch channel.
  • Virtual adapters like VPN network adapters. These may switch MAC address when they are connected to different networks.
  • NICs Teaming Configurations. These may switch MAC Address between the NICs MAC address included inside the configured teaming.
The Resource Center article, ‘Machine IDs and File Based Licenses’ provides more info related to Machine IDs. The article may be found here:

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