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How to Enable /Disable a ClearSCADA internal logic Execution

Published date: 01 October 2019

Sometimes, it is needed to stop executing a certain ClearSCADA logic without removing the entire logic object. This can be done by one of the following approaches:
Editing your logic object properties to make it out of service and to make the Execution interval 0 Seconds like below images:
  • Right click on your target logic object and select Edit properties as below:
  • Clear “In Service” box and set the execution interval to 0. Save and close.
2- Creating a Mimic button with an Action Method and disable execution for the needed logic as following:
  • Create a new mimic button and double click on. click on “Pick Action” and select “Method” then Click Next as below:
  • Select your target logic that you need to disable:
  • @ Method field select “Disable Execution”
  • Then click Next,Finish and finally Save.
  • You can also create another button for enabling the logic back again by selecting “Enable Execution” just like the previous step.
  • The previous approach will stop the logic program from executing, however it still loads the logic into the execution queue. The contents of the logic never execute while execution is disabled. If you need to stop the logic to be loaded into the execution queue as well then you need to open its properties- described in first approach- to set the Execution Interval to 0.

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