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HEP Meter Port 5357 and 7801 not reserved

Published date: 02 October 2019

User is able to change default ports such as SSH to other pre assigned ports such as DPWS (5357) or Ethergate (7802). The meter may not be able to communicate as expected, SSH can connect to the meter but not log in.

ION7400, ION9000, PM8000

ION Setup

The meter can be configured to have 2 different protocols use the same port. Not all ports can have the this happen, meter will not allow a protocol other than ION to use port 7700 if already used by ION. During a meter power up, the protocol that is able to bind to the port is not necessarily consistent, each time the meter powers up a different protocol could be bound to the port.  

Do not assign a protocol to an existing port. Refer to the device user guide for a list of default ports used. As long as 5357 is not assigned to ION, the affected protocol can be corrected with ION Setup or Power monitoring Expert.

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