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How to read swapped floating point values in Modbus

The user has a Modbus device containing swapped floating point registers and wants to confirm the values being read by software such as Power Monitoring Expert (PME), with SwappedFloat registers configured.

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Modbus Tester

Verifying values

Swapped floating point registers are read the same as regular floating point registers except the MSW and LSW are switched. Download the attached 32-bit floating point calculator and refer to the example below of the value being read:

1. The following registers are read from a Modbus device, where the known value is 230.1 and the format is swapped floating point

Tester screenshot

2. Using the floating point calculator, the values are entered into Register 1 and Register 2 in the order they appeared, but the result is not correct since the registers are swapped floating point format instead of the standard format

Sample calculator

3. Swapping the values in Register 1 and Register 2 shows the correct Floating Point Result

Sample calculator

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IEEE751-floatingPoint calculator.xlsxIEEE751-floatingPoint calculator.xlsx [19.73 KB]
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