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PM8000 Front Display shows up INF value for Delivered Energy reading 'kWh del-rec', kWh, kVARh, kVAh.

Published date: 21 May 2020

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PM8000 Front Display

PM8000 Front Display shows up INF for Delivered Energies like 'kWh del-rec' or Energy Delivered parameters like kWh, kVARh or kVAh.


This issue occurs while the meter's clock is set to 'Line Frequency'. As a short term Workaround it is recommended that Source Clock set to 'Internal'.

In order to resolve this issue it is recommended that Meter's firmware upgraded to the latest version V2.1.0.

The new firmware release V2.1.0 uses a new architecture and new internal storage format when performing the firmware upgrade, the meter will complete refactor the internal memory.

But latest version V2.1.0 has fixed this issue even if the clock is set to 'Line Frequency'. Please upgrade the firmware through an Ethernet connection to the meter.

Here is the link how to upgrade firmware version of PM8000 to V.2.1.0: FA377135


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