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Com'X 500/200 - "Could not parse response code. Server Reply: SSH-2.0" when publishing data

Published date: 04 June 2020

When connecting to SFTP server to publish data, gives an error: "Could not parse response code. Server Reply: SSH-2.0"

Product Line
Com'X 200/210 (EBX200/210)
Com'X 500/510 (EBX500/510)

Com'X 500/200 Publishing Data to the SFTP server

In Com'X 500/200 series, SFTP is not supported for data publishing. Remote SFTP Server is expecting to use SFTP protocol and SSH connection not plain FTP.

Four(4) supported Transfer Protocols by COM'X 500/200 series are:
  1. HTTPS
  2. HTTP
  3. FTP 
  4. SMTP
For Publication, FTP is not recommended, instead either HTTPS with authentication, or SMTP with either SSL/TLS or SMART TLS configured for publication are recommended.

For any reason if FTP Transport is the only possible option, then port 21 on remote server needs to be open.
Connection on Port 21 is for FTP and Port 22 is for SFTP/SSH.

Here are the User guides for the Com'X 500/200 series:


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