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ION Meter - Why timestamp for data not updating over IEC61850 protocol?

Published date: 22 June 2020

ION meter (applies to all the ION meters) communicating over IEC81850 using IED explorer.
When polling the measurements, the timestamp value is not updating for most of the data however for a few measurements timestamp is updating.
ION meters mainly send 2 types of values and timestamps for each measurement while polling the meter over IEC61850.
  1. instCVal
  2. cVal
  3. t (timestamp)
instCVal value refreshes with each poll but cVal is dependent on "deanband" attribute. For cVal it is flagged to dchg (data change). It means the value will be updated after a certain amount of data change as specified in the CID file.
The timestamp value displayed is related to this cVal data. So until unless cVal changes the timestamp displayed remains unchanged.
To update the cVal and timestamp faster it is required to set smaller deadband value. In the below example screenshot, the deadband for phsAB is set to 1 and the Unit is 1V. So it means the data will be updated when the value change is more than or equal to 1X1V=1V. If the deadband is set to 5 then the data update will occur when the value changes more than or equal to 5X1V = 5V.
In the CET850 make these changes in the CID file and then save it. After saving, download the CID file in the meter. Then check in the IED Explorer.

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