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Does Schneider endorse the use of pin or mac adapters on circuit breakers?

Published date: 22 June 2020

Does Schneider approve of pigtail or mac adapters to reduce large cable to fit in circuit breaker lugs?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

All MCCB with cable connections

Schneider has not tested or validated these adapters (pin, mac, cop, etc.) for use with circuit breakers and so cannot endorse their use. 
Lugs are tested with and are rated for stranded wire only. Adapters with stranded pins or pigtails simulating stranded wire will affect wire-bending space and it is up to the AHJ (local inspector) as to whether or not they're allowed.
Alternate mechanical lugs and optional compression lugs identified for the breaker should also be considered as these often allow larger wire sizes than the standard lugs.

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