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How can I change the rating of a 3 pole PA or PH circuit breaker?

Published date: 22 May 2020

How can I change the rating plug of a 3 pole PA/PH circuit breaker?

Product Line:
PA, PH, and PC breaker

Products sold in the North America

Need to change the amperage of PA, PH and PC breaker.

The following part numbers were used to set the breaker to different amperages. They are now obsolete.
600A - PA3600RC
700A - PA3700RC
800A - PA3800RC
1000A - PA31000RC
1200A - PA31200RC
1400A - PA31400RC
1600A - PA31600RC
1800A - PA31800RC
2000A - PA32000RC

See the instruction bulletin 48040-018-06.

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