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What is the padlock attachment for the 2 and 3 pole QOU breakers?

2 Pole and 3 Pole QOU Breakers Padlock Attachment

Product Lines:
QOU Breakers

The padlock options are in the below table.
Padlocking FunctionCatalog #Instruction Bulletin
For padlocking 2 and 3 pole circuit breakers up to 70 A in “OFF” or “ON” position
Attaches to circuit breaker escutcheon—Fixed
For padlocking 2 and 3 pole circuit breaker in “OFF” position only (1 and 2 pole 10–70 A, 3 pole 10–60 A)QOU2PAFLA48840-210-01
Two and 3 pole circuit breakers. Attaches to circuit breaker handle—RemovableQO1HPL48840-158-01
For padlocking 2 and 3 pole circuit breakers 80 A and above in "OFF" position onlySuffix -7100N/A

Schneider Electric USA

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