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What are the repair parts for the HU362DS, series F5? (may be shown as F05)

Published date: 27 August 2019

Field replaceable parts for HU362DS series F05 / F5

Product Line:
Safety Switch

Heavy Duty Safety Switch

The repair parts for the HU362DS, series F5 (F05) are as follows. No other parts are available.
Line Base Assembly - 40566-128-50 (arc suppressor not included)
Line Base mounting screw - 40205-151-01 (3 required)
Arc Suppressor Assembly - HAS0610F (includes arc suppressor and mounting screw)
Lug Assembly - CL0306F (includes 6 lugs)
Mechanism Assembly - 40566-469-50 (NOTE: Handle Coupling, Cover Interlock Defeat Coupling, and Lockplate Gaskets may also need replacing)
Handle Coupling - 40566-998-50
Cover Interlock Defeat Coupling - 40566-997-50
Handle Assembly - 40567-798-50 (also recommend replacing Lockplate Gaskets)
Lockplate - 40566-812-01 (also recommend replacing Lockplate Gaskets)
Lockplate Gasket - 40503-228-02 (2 required) (OBSOLETE REPLACED BY 40503-228-03)
Lockplate mounting screw - 21949-181-21 (2 required)
Ground Lug - 40251-016-52 - (2 total required)
Ground Lug Mounting Screw - 40205-135-03

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