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Set it and forget it with the Schneider Home app

Save energy. Save money. Simply.

Schneider Home smart energy products are managed through a single mobile app. Home automation and greater savings are just a tap away.

Understand your home's energy usage with insights, updates, trends, and more. The app helps you cut your electricity bills by optimizing power usage throughout your home while keeping you comfortable.

Add Schneider Home to your next build
Resi Schneider Home

Smart electrical panels

Lineup includes Schneider Pulse, Square D™ Energy Center, Square D QO™ panel with smart relays.

Smart electrical panels are common in today’s modern home as they help homeowners better manage their energy use and provide new opportunities to save. As the leading manufacture of electrical panels in the U.S., Schneider Electric’s growing range of smart panels work for any project, anywhere. 

  • Schneider Pulse: Minimizes electrical service upgrades when adding solar, EV, or storage (Second generation panel, coming Fall 2023)
  • Square D Energy Center: All-in-one smart electrical panel for California new construction
  • Square D QO Plug-on Neutral: Cost-effective, modular smart solution for new construction and retrofit projects
Resi Schneider Home
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Deliver smart home energy anywhere in the U.S. with QO™ panels

Our retrofit solution helps turn any home into a smart home, using the QO Plug-on Neutral panel with smart relays and Wiser Energy home power monitor.

Solar inverters and battery storage

Power your home with sunshine and save money on electricity bills.

Schneider Boost battery works with Schneider Inverter to ensure backup power during an outage. You can also use the solar energy stored in Boost to power your home at any time, during any season, with clean renewable energy.

Easily choose what to power on the fly through the Schneider Home app and see how your choices impact battery life. Coming soon.

Are you a solar installer? Become an authorized Schneider Home installer and enjoy the benefits to help you grow your business and build your expertise.

Access certification training by activating a mySchneider account here.

Resi Schneider Home

Square D connected wiring devices

Our residential wiring devices are designed for modern life. With smart outlets and switches, you can turn lights and appliances on or off remotely with the Schneider Home app or voice-activated assistants.
Schneider Home Equipments

Schneider Charge EV charger

Compatible with all EV makes and models.

Plug your vehicle in and do your thing. You can set, automate, and control charging remotely with the Schneider Home app.

Schneider Charge is compatible with all EV makes and models. And it charges faster than plug-in chargers to save you time and money. Coming 2024

Resi Schneider Home

Make your new home builds the envy of the neighborhood

As a builder, stay ahead in the race to deliver smart, sustainable homes with reliable energy.  Talk to an expert about adding our smart home products to your next build.
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36% of consumers believe smart home products should be standard in new homes

Sustainability is a growing concern for home buyers across the U.S. and builders can take advantage of this by designing new homes that make sustainable living easily accessible for their customers.

Learn the benefits of and how buyers value smart home technology.

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Build homes of the future, today

Explore our line of smart home products.

Square D Energy Center Smart Panel

Square D Energy Center Smart Panel

Wiser Energy

Wiser Energy

Square D X Series Wiring Devices

Square D X Series Wiring Devices

QO™ Load Centers

QO™ Load Centers

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