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  • More and more businesses are shifting their goals to include sustainability, decarbonization, and achieving net-zero operations. For many buildings, almost half of their energy consumption is wasted due to inefficient building management solutions, lighting control, and room management systems.

    Building Automation EcoXperts partner with their customers on this journey to future-proof and sustainable buildings. With extensive experience in the design, deployment, and optimization of integrated building management and lighting control systems, they also possess a deep knowledge of the complete solution from sensors to edge control software.

    EcoXperts certified in Building Automation raise the bar against their competition while growing their business through more creditability and profitability thanks to the deployment of our EcoStruxure™ solutions.

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    EcoStruxure Building Operation

  • With the need to protect more people and data, it is easy to understand why physical building security plays a vital role in the overall security of a building. Access control and fire safety solutions can form part of an integrated building management system (iBMS) to meet this challenge.

    Building Security EcoXperts come from a variety of backgrounds – from security solutions to building management systems, as well as data center infrastructures.

    EcoXperts certified in Building Security not only set themselves apart from their competition, they can also increase profitability through the deployment of our EcoStruxure solutions across a variety of businesses.

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    EcoStruxure™ Security Expert

  • In today's highly competitive world, professionalism is essential. It's what differentiates companies from their competitors. Electricians and system integrators must adapt to the latest digital smart home and small building technologies to meet customer needs. Additionally, there is a growing demand for sustainable solutions in both homes, as well as smaller building sites such as restaurants, shops, and distribution centers.

    Home and Small Building EcoXperts focus on two specific domains, delivering true grid-to-plug solutions for home automation and small commercial sites. These solutions combine the ever-changing landscape of new energy sources with a range of IoT devices delivering exceptional value.

    EcoXperts certified in Home and Small Building significantly boost their business performance and rise above the competition by implementing configurable connected products on top of electrical installations. They also excel with competence in lighting control, temperature systems, security, and energy management.

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EcoXpert segment specializations

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“As an EcoXpert partner, we have the advantage providing Schneider Electric’s high-quality products and our customized solutions.”

Francisco Pombas, Commercial Director Domotica SGTA Group, a Master-level Building Automation EcoXpert
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1. What areas of expertise are Schneider Electric EcoXperts certified in?

The Schneider Electric EcoXpert Partner Program offers 11 badge certifications across three categories: Building and Residential Automation (home and small building automation, building automation, and building security), Power Distribution and Management (power distribution, digital panel, power upgrade, power management, power automation, power services), and Grid and New Energy Landscape (eMobility, microgrid). There are two levels of certification for each badge: Certified and Master, and EcoXperts can earn certifications in multiple fields of expertise.

2. What segments do Schneider Electric EcoXperts specialize in?

Today, there are six specialization tracks in the EcoXpert Partner Program: data centers, healthcare, hotels, life sciences, real estate, and retail. EcoXperts can pursue advanced training in multiple segment specializations.

3. How are Schneider Electric EcoXperts certified?

Once engaged by Schneider Electric in the certification process, a partner company must meet specific business requirements and complete the associated training curriculum to be certified as an EcoXpert. Once certified in an EcoXpert badge, the EcoXpert may pursue one or more of the segment or services specializations. These requirements vary by country.