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What Is An Arc Flash?

An arc flash is an electrical accident that creates a dangerous, high-temperature explosion.

An arc flash results from an arc fault. Arc faults are caused by electricity discharging between two or more conductors that are improperly connected, such as frayed wires. Dust or moisture can also cause arcing between conductors, which explains why high-voltage power lines will glow in foggy weather.

Use this Arc Flash library to learn:
  • Why an electrical arc flash happens
  • Steps for arc flash protection
  • How to optimize safety and reliability in your facility’s power system
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Arc flash events can result in significant injury to workers. Learn how the most effective arc flash safety programs are those that look to incorporate “safety by design” and other techniques.
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MCC Arc Flash Test: Side-By-Side Event

ArcBlok™ is designed with features that help avoid an arc flash before it happens.

Electrical Arc Flash Prevention e-Learning Module

Electrical Safety Awareness for Non-Electrical Workers

Learn ways to check and improve safety knowledge when working around electricity on the job.

Arc Flash Safety Products


Model 6 AR Motor Control Center by Square D™


Power-Zone 4 Arc Resistant


Motorpact Medium Voltage Controllers


Switchboards and Switchgear


Circuit Breakers


PowerLogic™ P5


PowerLogic™ P3 Protection Relays


V125 Arc Flash Relay

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