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Zelio Time

Electronic Timing Relays RE17 - RE22 - REXL - RE48 - RE88867

Part of Harmony

A timing relay is a component that is designed to time events in industrial automation systems by closing or opening contacts before, during, or after a set timing period. Multi-voltage timers provide timing functionality from 20 ms to 999 hours.

Zelio Time
  • Features

    Zelio timing relays are designed to provide cost-effective solutions for your industrial time delay relay needs. Being one of the widest time delay relay offers available in the marketplace; we are likely to have the timer you need commercially off the shelf. Available in a wide array of forms, fits and functions; Zelio timers offer the ultimate in flexibility and performance. Accurate adjustments, legible wiring diagrams and an interactive timer demo; make selection quick and easy.

    The complete offering includes the following ranges:

    RE17 Range: 17.5 mm wide – multi-function timers designed to clip directly to the DIN rail. 8 amp contacts, SPDT, universal input voltage.

    RE22 Range: 22.5 mm wide – multi-function timers designed to clip directly to the DIN rail. 8 amp contacts, SPDT and DPDT, universal input voltage.

    RE88867 Range: 35 mm wide – multi-function timers designed to plug into standard 8 or 11 pin sockets. 8 amp contacts, DPDT, universal input voltage.

    RE48 Range: 48 x 48 mm – multi-function panel-mount timers featuring a large knob for simplified installation. 5 amp contacts, DPDT, universal input voltage.

    REXL Range: 21 mm wide – miniature single-function timers designed to plug into a socket. 5 amp contacts (DPDT) or 3 amp contacts (4PDT).


    Key Features
    • Reduced panel space - smaller units require less installed space
    • Installation flexibility - units can be DIN rail or panel-mounted
    • Tamper resistant - These units feature a sealable cover
    • Increased functionality - Timers with single functions and a choice of electromechanical or solid state functionality
    • CE Declaration of Conformity


    • Automatic doors
    • Bottling
    • Car Washes
    • Complex and Special Machines
    • Control Equipment Panels
    • Educational Campuses
    • Food & Beverage
    • HVAC
    • Industrial Buildings
    • Manufacturing
    • Material Handling
    • Process Control


    • Modular relays RE 17

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