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EcoStruxure™ Triconex® - Tricon CX

EcoStruxure™ Triconex Safety System – superior protection for people, production and profits

We understand that you need more from your safety instrumented systems than just keeping your operations safe - you need to keep operations running continuously, avoiding any unexpected downtime or interruption that impacts profitability.

EcoStruxure Triconex - Tricon CX is the most powerful safety system from Triconex. Leveraging the pedigree of the field-proven Tricon, Trident and Tri-GP systems, Tricon CX is the best possible choice when safety and profitability are critical success factors.

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High performance, high capacity

Tricon CX is the most powerful safety system from Triconex. Each Tricon CX controller is capable of handling 15I/O racks, 90 I/O modules, and 2,800 physical I/Os. Up to 254 nodes can be networked in a single peer-to-peer network allowing in excess of 750,000 physical TMR I/Os to be managed.


Tricon CX provides continuous operation, superior plant uptime and high productivity in a compact unit.

Tricon CX furnishes a lifetime of flexibility without compromising on safety. Its simple mechanical design, flexible architecture and advanced capabilities ensure that as your needs change and expand, your protection can grow with you. Designed and engineered for superior ease of use, Tricon CX is quick and easy to engineer, install, configure, operate and maintain — reducing overall expenditures for capital and operations.



  • I/O deployment enables centralized and distributed application
  • Modifications can be made without stopping operations


  • Built-in high integrity and fault tolerance
  • Built-in diagnostics and redundancy management — transparent to the user
  • Maintains SIL3 even under fault conditions
  • High-capacity handling — in excess of 750,000 TMR I/O channels
  • Fast scan times (from 20 milliseconds)
  • Up to 60,000 SOEs stored per controller
  • Advanced input/output monitoring and control capabilities
  • 1mSec SOE time stamped at the I/O module
  • Direct HART integration and pass through to asset management systems
  • Universal I/O modules with per point configuration

Communications and integration

  • Up to 254 nodes peer-to-peer communications
  • Universal connectivity with all major distributed control systems(DCSs), process automation systems, SCADA and HMI
  • Direct integration with EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS


  • Processor, communications, and I/O modules can be replaced online without halting operations
  • Hot spare slot for continuous operation
  • Easy diagnostics for fast status and fault analysis
  • Online modifications and changes, online module replacement and hot spare slot - allowing continuous production without halting operations

Improve productivity and performance

  • Software tools for every step of the safety lifecycle (TriStation software suite)
  • Engineer the system faster with TriStation TS1131 system configuration, programming, and documentation
  • TriStation Emulator for faster application testing using offline emulation without the need for a physical controller
  • Resolve maintenance issues faster with Enhanced Diagnostic Monitor for status and health information
  • Resolve process issues with TriStation SOE retrieval display and analysis
  • Validate / revalidate application logic faster with Safety Validator for automatic testing and documentation of the application logic
  • Report Generator for custom reports across multiple controllers or projects
  • Manage systems changes faster with EcoStruxure System Advisor - Process Safety
  • Restart operations faster with SIF Manager – Trip advisor software applications
  • Manage priority alarms and bypass with Safety View ABM software applications


Safety and critical control applications


  • Refining and petrochemicals
  • Upstream and midstream oil and gas
  • Chemicals and specialty chemicals
  • Power generation

EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS

Safety View - Alarm and bypass management

Safety Validator - Application logic testing

Tristation - configuration and programming

Enhanced Diagnostic Monitor - System diagnostics

TriLogger - resolution of operating issues

Report Generator - Custom reports

Sequence of Event - collection and analysis of SOE

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