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Combination control

In the early 1930s, Square D introduced the first enclosed, combination motor controller. With application specific modifications and ongoing efforts to integrate the simple and complex product offers by Schneider Electric, we continue to maintain the customer satisfaction level Square D is known for. 

Our combination solutions range from utilizing the dependable Type S motor starter with a variety of short circuit protection devices, including Class 9422 fusible disconnect switches, PowerPact line of circuit breakers, and the NEMA rated TeSys U product line.

Magnetic control

Square D and Telemecanique are two names synonymous with low voltage magnetic control. Both now under Schneider Electric, the NEMA magnetic control offer has continued to remain as the standard over the years. From the beginning with the Square D vertical action contactor, to the current bail arm assembly, the Type S contactor has proven to withstand the test of time. Schneider Electric has also bridged the gap with our NEMA rated IEC contactor line, the TeSys N.

Local on-off operation

Square D by Schneider Electric’s NEMA manual starters and switches combine the robust standard and trustworthiness of the NEMA offer, and convenience of on-off control without the need of control voltage. Our manual control offer ranges from motor starters rated up to 10hp at 600VAC – with integral overload protection, which utilizes our melting alloy thermal elements – to our motor rated manual switches rated up to 20HP at 600VAC.

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