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    Introducing TeSys island

    Now machine builders can speed up builds, cut time to market, and collect machine data – with the TeSys island digital load management system.

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    Start smart. Run smart.

    Stay smart, knowing that the inventors of the world’s first modular contactor – Schneider Electric – will continue to provide you with the constant innovation you can expect from the market leader in motor control solutions.

    Motor Control Digest Plus
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    Introducing TeSys D Green

    We’re adding our new, energy-efficient TeSys D Green contactor series to this already robust portfolio, giving you more products that are good for the environment and your business.

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    Limited on space in your control panel?

    Check out TeSys VLS disconnects, offering a compact size with innovative accessories and features.

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    TeSys: Trusted Solutions That Protect, Monitor, and Control Your Motor

    TeSys is a system of control and protection products that work together to offer the best in class solutions for motor control applications, from basic controls to advanced protection and monitoring. TeSys is used globally by customers to enhance control panel designs and solve today’s market demands. Learn how TeSys can help you address specific challenges.

    • Intelligence

      TeSys offers solutions that enable visibility to information for critical applications.

    • Productivity & Adaptability

      TeSys unique features optimize installation and improve service continuity. Global approval standards help optimize design for applications across the world.

    • Simplicity

      TeSys components offer modular, comprehensive solutions that are easy to select.

    • Safety

      Integrated safety features enable engineers to enhance equipment safety.

    • Efficiency starts with TeSys island

      This innovative load management system lets you build more effectively with an intuitive TeSys avatar library. It’s the efficient way to streamline workflow.

      Discover TeSys island
    • Electrical fire protection begins with prevention

      Across the globe, electrical fires cause significant damage to buildings of all sizes. TeSys contactors are just one of our solutions for electrical fire prevention. Explore the risk areas, discover protection tips and view our other solutions to help you design, build and install.

      Learn more about electrical fire prevention
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