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Electrical low voltage upgrade solutions direct replacement

Enhance reliability

Having aged or obsolete breakers can put your facility at risk. Enhance safety by upgrading to new technology offering monitoring and connectivity capabilities.
Electrical Medium voltage upgrade solutions direct replacement

Reduce operating costs

Reduce costs in your maintenance budget by upgrading to more reliable and higher performing equipment.

Less downtime for installation

Little to no downtime for installation and OpEx funds can be used for upgrading your electrical system.

Low-voltage direct replacement circuit breakers

  • This solution features Masterpact™ NW/NT circuit breakers with connectivity capabilities
  • A standard Masterpact cradle is installed into an adapter cradle to form one assembly, which is then installed into the switchgear cubicle
  • This cradle-in-cradle assembly locks into place and remains in the switchgear cell after the initial installation
  • The new Masterpact circuit breaker with state of the art Mircologic™ trip units racks in and out of the adapter cradle
  • A new door is installed, however cell interlocks, the racking mechanism and the switchgear structure are not modified

Medium-voltage direct replacement circuit breakers

  • This solution features Magnum™ circuit breakers with connectivity capabilities
  • Designed to fit into an existing switchgear cell without modification
  • Magnum™ circuit breakers will correctly interface with the existing compartment cell and maintain safety interlocks built-in the original equipment design

Enjoy enhanced safety and compliance

All direct replacements are designed and tested to meet or exceed IEEE/ANSI C37.59 standards. We carry over 150 low and medium-voltage circuit breaker designs across all brands including:

  • Square D™ • ABB • Eaton • Federal Pacific • GE • Siemens
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LAZER: The 7-day modernization solution
With LAZER Low Voltage Direct Replacement program, pre-built kits can be available within seven days.
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