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    Operations Optimization Services

    Our operator performance services help proactively meet production challenges. They provide a deep situational awareness and expand the knowledge about the operating context.

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    Augmented Operation

    EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor improves operational efficiency with augmented reality, enabling operators to superimpose the current data and virtual objects onto a cabinet, machine, or plant.

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    HMI Design, Programming and Optimization

    Our experts help deliver tailored HMI solutions to support your plant operators’ efficiency and situational awareness.

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    • Improved operator situational awareness, based on a deep understanding of how the plant is performing.

    • Operators can optimize operations with real-time awareness of the impact of changes.

    • Improved safety, product quality and productivity; deviations from normal operating ranges are clearly annunciated and can be corrected before alarm levels are reached.

    Control Loop Tuning

    Minimize the need for operator intervention, and improve process quality, productivity and safety.

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    Automating PID controller loop tuning reduces the need for manual intervention and positively impacts process quality, productivity and safety.

    Instead of taking the time to adjust poorly tuned controller loops manually, operators can focus on the business of running the plant.


    • Reduced risk of safety incidents

    • Increased attention to operations improvement

    • Improved control, eliminating inconsistencies of manual intervention

    • Faster installation and start-up

    • Up to 30% reduction in automation implementation costs

    Alarm Management Services

    Expert alarm rationalization ensures that the most relevant and actionable alarms receive priority; so that operators see neither too few, nor too many alarms.

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    • Operators experience less alarm overload.

    • Problems are addressed before they become major safety or availability incidents.

    • Operators stay focused on what’s most important.