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    Safety Lifecycle Services

    Our safety services ensure that your plants and equipment are well-designed, operated safely and properly maintained.

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A safety partner for life

When the safety of your assets is critical to your success, you can rely on Triconex. Our team of process safety experts has extensive knowledge of functional safety, IEC 61511 and IEC 61508 process safety standards, and regulatory compliance. Backed by a global infrastructure, you are assured of support throughout the safety lifecycle, wherever and whenever you need it.

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Our Safety Services

Protecting people, assets and the planet, while balancing production and financial pressures, is a constant challenge. Our proven safety expertise helps you minimize process hazards as well as production loss and the costs of regulatory compliance.

By operating more safely and reliably, you can increase uptime and avoid the risk of reputation damage.

Management of Functional Safety

Functional safety management synchronizes all activities and roles along the safety lifecycle with relevant regulations and standards.

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Our Solutions

Risk evaluation and management services specify tolerable risk, quantify hazardous scenarios and associated risks.

Functional safety planning services define activities required for people, department, or other units, with updates throughout the entire safety lifecycle.

SIS configuration management services ensure traceability of devices through the lifecycle, such as maintaining records for each instrument in the system.

Functional safety assessment services define and execute functional safety assessment procedures to enable clear measurement of functional safety and system integrity levels.

Functional safety audit services verify whether process safety management systems are in place and functioning effectively.

Implementation and monitoring services deliver functional safety work processes via safety instrumented systems (SIS).


Standards compliance: Global functional safety management structure can be certified by TÜV Rheinland, for compliance to the IEC 61511.
Consistent quality: Ready-to-use and vetted templates, forms and checklists ensure consistency and fast project execution, while maintaining quality performance.

Consistent performance: Established procedures and work processes assure consistent performance of all the activities across the safety lifecycle.

Knowledge management: Structured processes facilitate knowledge transfer to teams executing functional safety activities.

Define and Assess

The safety lifecycle begins at the concept stage, where we help identify and understand your risks, potential consequences, and the level of protection needed to manage and mitigate them.

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Our Solutions

ISA84/IEC61511 gap assessment services identify gaps between protection and potential risk.

Quantitative risk assessment (QRA) services verify the severity of the scenario, the consequence and the frequency.

Layer of protection analysis (LOPA) services evaluate process safety risks and ensure proper safeguards or independent protection layers (IPLs) are in place to reduce risk to a tolerable level.
Independent protective layer (IPL) and safety integrity level (SIL) selection services define and refine selected IPLs and set SIL target assignments.

Process hazard analysis (PHA) services identify the hazards and risks.

Safety integrity level (SIL) verification services calculate each safety instrumented function (SIF), factoring in parameters, assumptions, limitations and data sources.

Safety requirements specification (SRS) services define the integrity and functional requirements of each SIF as defined in Clause 10 of IEC 61511.

Functional safety management planning (FSMP) services ensure that each SIF is correctly designed and operated.

Design and Implement

Safety system technology has become so advanced that it can be virtually failure-proof, if properly implemented. Our services include project management, system engineering, and a range of onsite services to ensure delivery of functional, fully compliant operational systems. With decades of safety leadership, we apply expertise of global safety standards, supported by a team of experts that can provide a single source for all safety system project needs.

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Our Solutions

Project management: our project managers are certified Project Management Professionals (PMP), with expertise in delivering projects of all sizes and complexity.

System design: Design engineers build the safety system to meet the levels of risk reduction identified in a “Define and Assess” phase of the project lifecycle.

System configuration: Software engineers configure the safety system applications to ensure safe operation of the plant.

System test: All systems are designed to the specific needs of each customer. Optional automated safety logic validation delivers faster project schedules with up to 40% savings in FAT time, as well as reducing errors, re-work and human fatigue.

System build: Hardware engineers and approved panel vendors deliver your system wired, tested and ready to go.

System documentation: All systems are delivered complete with a comprehensive documentation set that covers system engineering, hardware, software and functionality.

System commissioning: Our engineers verify that the system operates correctly including loop checks and proper communications between safety systems and the DCS.

Validation and testing: Our automated logic validation tools help automate the traditional FAT process, reducing human error and providing significant savings in the project delivery schedule and cost.

Operate and Maintain

Your commitment to safety doesn’t stop once systems are installed and operational. Neither does ours. We have dedicated tools and solutions, like unique SIF management software, that help maintain safe performance in accordance with standards throughout the safety lifecycle.

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Our Solutions

SIF Manager safety loop performance monitoring and management services use automation and intelligent software to monitor safety systems performance and detect discrepancies between actual and expected performance, and alert about potential safety issues before it occurs.

Customer FIRST customer support program offers access to high-quality services and expertise, including technical support, parts management, on-site support, system maintenance and lifecycle management.

Periodic proof testing validates the performance and operation of the safety instrumented system. Our experts have the knowledge and tools to streamline periodic testing — reducing time, effort and cost.

Functional safety learning services cover operation, maintenance and modification of Safety Instrumented Systems, and provide the in-depth understanding of the safety lifecycle, international standards, hardware and software technology, and application knowledge.

Expert, global delivery. All teams include TÜV-certified Functional Safety Engineers and/or accredited Functional Safety Experts. All processes and procedures are TÜV certified to IEC 61511. Global infrastructure ensures availability of top talent, whenever needed.


• Assurance that your safety systems will be as reliable throughout operations as they were the day they were installed

• Compliance with standards and regulations that have been issued since commissioning

• Predictable spare parts management

• Development and preservation of staff safety knowledge

• Avoidance of the consequences of a safety incident, including harm to people, property and the environment, downtime and fines

Certification and Training Services

Process safety solutions and threats are both evolving steadily. Functional safety training keeps engineers in the field up-to-date and fully compliant with IEC 61508, IEC 61511 and other relevant international standards.

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Our Courses

Transfer our expertise to your teams by enrolling them in courses run by a team of in-house safety experts, certified to perform their roles in accordance with IEC, NFPA, API, CSA and other appropriate standards and regulations, to earn the following process safety credentials:
• TÜV Functional Safety Certification for Engineers

• TÜV Functional Safety Certification for Technicians
• Functional Safety Training for Managers
• Functional Safety Training for Operators
• Functional Safety Training for Maintenance Team
• Functional Safety for Burner Management Systems
• Functional Safety Training for Turbo Machinery Protection Systems
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    Visit our learning platform and choose from more than 200 courses for a range of control and safety products and topics to maximize the expertise of your workforce.

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