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Cybersecurity in the new normal

Watch Nathalie Marcotte, Senior VP and and President of Process Automation, and Jay Abdallah, Vice President of Cybersecurity Services discuss how reducing cybersecurity threats and risks to our customers’ operations can improve business continuity and prospects for long-term recovery.
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Cybersecurity services

Schneider Electric provides services that support your needs for cybersecurity protection across all industries. Our team of certified experts delivers holistic cybersecurity programs to help maintain your defenses.

We understand and apply cybersecurity services from your operations perspective while integrating appropriate IT policies and requirements - this is our difference and your advantage.
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Securing operational technology (OT)

Today‘s global industries need to shield their operation technology from cyber threats. Learn how to address digital risks within business-critical infrastructures.

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Building a cybersecurity strategy

Learn how to create and execute a cybersecurity strategy to remain trusted and competitive within the digital economy.

How cybersecurity is key to risk management

Find out more about risk management and its role in industrial cybersecurity and sustainable operations.

Cybersecurity by design

Learn about an integrated cybersecurity strategy and how you can protect your digital business.

Securing your digital enterprise

From identifying digital risk to strengthening digital trust, discover how to build a cybersecurity strategy to thrive in the Digital Economy.
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Recommended Cybersecurity Best Practices

Schneider Electric is focused on cybersecurity and has incorporated cybersecurity best practices and solutions in our products. Our security by design approach makes our products more resilient against cyberattacks. We implemented mechanisms to mitigate threats, reduce exploitable weaknesses, and defend against avoidable data breaches and cyberattacks.
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Check out these articles to learn more about our approach to cybersecurity

Three steps toward cybersecurity in a digital world

“Security is everyone’s job now”, notes Amazon’s CTO Dr. Werner Vogels. Discover why Schneider Electric’s Chief Digital Officer, Hervé Coureil, thinks these are wise words – and learn three ways to build a cybersecurity strategy.

Cybersecurity for your digital transformation

Discover our cybersecurity services, solutions, and approach to secure your digital transformation.
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Cybersecurity support

Connect with our support team to register for security notifications, be informed of any issues, or report a new problem or vulnerability.
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