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    DCIM Software in the Cloud

    EcoStruxure™ IT is cloud-enabled, vendor-neutral DCIM software to monitor your data centers and IT locations. Easily scalable, enjoy secure wherever-you-go visibility.

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DCIM: Enhanced Data Center Monitoring

A DCIM (data center infrastructure management) system is a set of software tools used to monitor, plan, and manage infrastructure components within the IT “white space” (where IT equipment is placed) such as uninterruptible power supplies, power distribution units (PDUs), racks, rack PDUs, environmental monitoring gear, physical security, and fire detection / suppression systems.

DCIM software provides greater visibility and control over IT infrastructure, allowing IT teams to enhance capacity planning, reliability, and efficiency.

The goal of an effective data center monitoring and management initiative is to provide an IT team with a holistic understanding of historical and real-time performance. With this understanding, IT teams can ensure energy, equipment, and floor space are used as efficiently as possible. IT infrastructure monitoring involves data — lots and lots of data — processed via cloud DCIM analytics. These analytics offer insights that help IT teams make better decisions.

One benefit of intelligent DCIM software is that it offers better capacity planning. It delivers the necessary intelligence to match a data center’s resources with its changing IT requirements. In this way, DCIM software helps you avoid overloads and hot spots. As a result, you can minimize downtime, strengthen resiliency and response, and cut operating expenses.

EcoStruxure IT cloud-based DCIM Software

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    Remote monitoring service – Asset Advisor Discover our 24/7, cloud-based remote monitoring service. Data-driven recommendations from our service bureau are the extra set of eyes you need. > Learn more
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    EcoStruxure IT Expert
    Maintain uptime and manage alarms with cloud-based monitoring. Enjoy secure wherever-you-go visibility and control.
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  • Bainbridge Island School District

    World-class education to 4000 students, operational efficiency and peace of mind. Watch the video to see how it’s all possible with EcoStruxure IT.

  • Cavern Technologies

    Cavern Technologies relies on our solution platform to better service its colocation customers. See how they achieve peace of mind with remote data center monitoring and management through EcoStruxure IT.

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Digital Remote Monitoring and How it Changes Data Center Operations and Maintenance

Today’s data center power and cooling infrastructure has roughly 3 times more data points / notifications than it did 10 years ago. This paper explains how seven trends are defining monitoring service requirements and how this will lead to improvements in data center operations and maintenance. Download the white paper

Hybrid: next-generation DCIM, on-premise DCIM, or both?

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    6 Practical Approaches to Hybrid Environments What are options in a complex hybrid IT environment? 451 Research Advisory™ report shares latest solutions. > Download the report
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    On-premise DCIM software Optimize your data center. Plan power, mechanical systems, IT space for efficiency and reliability. Learn more

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