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Embedded EZ Selectors

Schneider Electric EZ Selectors provide the easiest, fastest digital experience for customers and partners to select the most relevant Schneider Electric products. Here's how it works:

  • The EZ Selector is loaded into your website (internal or external) from the Schneider Electric server.
  • The EZ Selector appears as a pop-up on your website, or as a specific section of the website.
  • A customer makes selection, and then clicks on the “Add to Project / List” button.
  • The EZ Selector is then closed, and the selected part-numbers are presented with other relevant information (custom pricing, availability, etc.) to the customer.

We make integrating digital tools easy

Integration of these solutions is not rocket science

We worked hard to make developing with Schneider Electric digital tools as straightforward as their usage. Customized documentation, standards-based coding, and code samples that you can literally copy and paste into your solutions are some examples on how we help make this process quick. Most digital tools require minimal programming time and resources.

On an ongoing basis, as applicable for most digital tools, we fully manage related content, so you don’t have to worry about offer changes, new, or sunset products – let us take care of that, so you can focus on selling.

Adding EZ Selectors: What to tell your developers

Schneider Electric will provide the documentation and code samples you need to implement EZ Selectors on your website. Most partners complete this implementation in one day or less (depending on the complexity of your system). Be prepared to develop the following:

  1. Create a button on your website that launches the selector in an iFrame.
  2. Capture the selected product number (as Schneider Electric, or UPS code) and quantities provided in a JSON array.
  3. Create code to close the selector iFrame.
  4. Match and add your internal product information from your product database to the selected product numbers (descriptions, images, contract pricing, availability - as needed).
  5. Present the selection information in your shopping cart. 

Customize as needed

  • Changing the "Add a Cart" button, left pane, and individual selectors is described in the documentation.
  • Changing colors, fonts, select images (based on selector CSS) requires minimal development. Contact us to discuss details.  

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