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Where can I find the Floating License Manager and License Manager for download?

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The customer is looking for the standalone installer of the Floating License Manager (FLM)  and License Manager (LM)

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Ecostruxure Augmented Operator Advisor
Ecostruxure CIP Advisor
Ecostruxure Cyber Security Admin Expert
Ecostruxure Control Expert
Ecostruxure Control Expert Asset Link
Ecostruxure Eurotherm Data Viewer
Ecostruxure Facility Expert Onsite
Ecostruxure Machine Expert
Ecostruxure Machine Expert Basic
Ecostruxure Machine Expert HVAC
Ecostruxure Machine Expert - Safety
Ecostruxure OPCUA Server Expert
Ecostruxure Operator Terminal Expert
Ecostruxure Plant Builder
Ecostruxure Plant Data Expert
Ecostruxure Power Monitoring Expert
Ecostruxure Process Expert
Ecostruxure Smard Grid Monitoring Device
SoMachine and SoMachine Motion
SoMachine HVAC
Unity M580 Application Converter
Ultrasonic XX Software
Zeliosoft 2

Schneider Electric License Manager
Schneider Electric Floating License Manager


Download the current version of the Schneider Electric License Manager here .

Download the current version of the Schneider Electric Floating License Manager here .

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