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Digital Control System for Substation Automation

PACiS is a Digital Control System, belonging to the latest generation of competitive, innovative Power Automation solutions. It operates on IEC 61850 and enables re-thinking of the design, operation and maintenance of electrical installations

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    PACiS enables re-thinking the design, operation and maintenance of electrical installations. Its 24/7 maintenance scheme increases system availability and contributes to building higher standards for power automation. PACiS enhances competitiveness and performance, while optimizing existing assets and adapting them to the ever-changing environment.

    Flexibility for customized solutions
    Usually found in utilities, PACiS can be tailored to a single substation. Thanks to its flexibility, it offers a unified and optimal scheme, along with generation sources and possible load shedding encountered in industrial or infrastructure applications.

    Optimized information sharing and greater security
    PACiS functions, architecture and services provide users with a scalable solution while making full use of existing resources.

    PACiS offers topology-orientated automation and electrical security, and minimizes outage. By using substation-specific communication protocols, it enables complete integration between devices and therefore ensures optimum use of information. It also provides smooth migration to new communication standards.

    Standard Manufacturers Warranty: 1 year

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