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Magelis Box PC & Panel PC

Industrial PC certified for automation

Industrial PC certified for automation

Magelis Box PC & Panel PC
  • Tính năng

    Select the right industrial PC according to the automation environment:

    • For plant field and high performance machines → Magelis Box PC, Panel PC and iDisplay certified for automation
    • For repetitive machines and infrastructures → Magelis S-Box PC
    • For control rooms → Magelis Rack PC


    Lợi ích

    Magelis iPC are ready to be integrated with an IT structure with:

    • Dual gigabit Ethernet to separate data flow
    • Microsoft operating systems
    • Large data storage
    • Connectivity to PC devices and data bases

    Magelis Box PC, Panel PC and iDisplay are robust and certified for automation applications:

    With a robust construction, according to the model they are certified Industrial Control, Hazardous Locations and Marine. For the most demanding applications, redundant RAID hard disk, battery back-up and stainless steels screen frame are available. They can run directly on plant fields or high performance machines.

    Their design allows to choose among various configurations. In addition to the pre-defined products from the catalogue, they can be made to order according to the application needs.

    Magelis S-Box PC: the simplicity by Schneider Electric

    • Simple design: all in one and Only 2 models (Optimized and Universal) →, easy to choose, to order, to install…
    • Small footprint: downsizing without compromise on capabilities
    • Serenity of mind: 24/7, 50°C operations, maintenance free,
    • Smart applications: for repetitive machines and infrastructures requiring Windows, tested, validated and supported in Schneider solutions
    • Saving of money: just enough

    Magelis Rack PC for control rooms

    • Consistent to operate the different needs of PlantStruxure architecture (engineering and SCADA servers, operator stations and dedicated industrial applications).
    • Ease of integration in control room with 19” rack format.
    • One-stop shopping for a complete plant solution: tested, validated and supported by Schneider Electric with Vijeo Citect and PES engineering software.

    Các ứng dụng

    Magelis iPC can run Windows in any industrial application, according to the model:

    • Industrial environment with heat, dust and vibration: Magelis Panel PC, Box PC, S-Box PC and iDisplay maintenance free without fan, then no filter cleaning and without rotating storage drive.
    • Demanding industrial environment for cleanliness: Magelis Panel PC with stainless steel front panel
    • Standard industrial environment: Magelis iPC with hard drive
    • Control rooms: Rack PC