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EcoStruxure Building Operation

Simple, smart, integrated BMS solution

Một phần của EcoStruxure

Smart buildings demand simple integration across systems and easy access to IoT devices. EcoStruxure Building Operation’s open & secure integration framework allows collaboration across third-party systems to create innovative custom solutions. The platform natively supports standard open protocols out-of- the-box. Future ready buildings ensure new technology expansions deploy easily all while: maximizing building efficiency, optimizing comfort & productivity, and increasing building value.

EcoStruxure Building Operation
  • Tính năng

    The drive for insights-based management has increased significantly as the IoT connects more devices within buildings. EcoStruxure Building Operation and its next generation visualization tools enable customers to better manage and optimize building assets with better insight, more engineering efficiency, and increased cybersecurity and compliance certifications.
    Exciting new software features include: Enhanced Dashboards & Visualization Tools, Data Storage, and Engineering Efficiencies & Tools.


    • EcoStruxure Building Operation Dashboard
    • EcoStruxure Building Operation Dashboard