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Các thùng chứa khép kín có công suất làm lạnh lên đến 18kW để triển khai máy chủ mật độ cao trong môi trường hạn chế về không gian và / hoặc không được kiểm soát.

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APC Brand Hình ảnh sản phẩm Schneider Electric
Vỏ làm mát mật độ cao
  • Tính năng

    With the advent of blade and other high-density servers, heat densities have climbed to challenging levels. In many instances, the amount of heat generated per rack exceeds that which can be effectively handled by traditional air-cooled solutions. The APC High-density Cooling Enclosure with patent-pending horizontal airflow design is a self-contained, closed loop system that utilizes chilled water to cool up to 18kW per rack. This innovative concept is a quickly deployable, space-saving, scalable, and energy efficient alternative to cooling high-density IT loads.

    Lợi ích

    • Top and bottom chilled water connections - Allows chilled water to be connected from the top, if routing from overhead, or bottom, if on a raised floor.
    • Adjustable rear vertical mounting rails - Accommodate various mounting depths from IT equipment manufacturers.
    • Base cable access - Allows power and data cable to be routed into the enclosure from under a raised floor.
    • Top cable access - Allows power and data cable to be routed into the enclosure from overhead.
    • Ships fully assembled - Allows for fast deployment.
    • Horizontal airflow design - Ensures uniform delivery of cool air to installed IT equipment.
    • Hot swappable fans - Allows system to remain operational if a fan replacement is required.
    • Leak detection - Notifies user in the event of a water leak within the coiling unit.
    • Temperature regulation - Ensures installed IT equipment always maintains acceptable inlet air temperatures.
    • N+1 redundant fans - Provide higher availability to installed equipment with six fans supporting installed equipment in an N+1 configuration.
    • Fail-safe control system - Ensures sufficient cooling is still provided by enabling maximum fan speed in the unlikely event of a control system failure.
    • Access independent airflow - Fans continue to provide adequate airflow even when doors are opened.
    • Hot swappable cooling coil - Allows system to remain operational if a cooling coil replacement is required.
    • Remote management - Remote monitoring of key alarm conditions such as fan failure and leak detection via SNMP, telnet, and web browser is possible with optional Remote Monitoring Unit, specifically designed for the High-Density Cooling Enclosure.
    • Warning indicator light - Provides highly visible, local notification of problematic events.
    • Insulated double wall construction - Prevents condensation from forming on the outside of the enclosure and reduces noise emission.
    • Sealed enclosure - Prevents infiltration of dust and moisture while preventing dissipation of heat into installation environment.
    • Dew point monitoring - Prevents condensation from forming inside the enclosure by dissuading access when the external dew point is above supply air temperature.
    • Isolated cooling circuit - A separate, isolated section which houses all cooling components minimizes the risk of water contacting installed IT equipment in the unlikely event of a leak.
    • Smart card door access - Provides easy and secure access to system.