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    • EcoXpert™ Certifications and Specializations

      Certified on EcoStruxure, our IoT-enabled architecture and platform, EcoXperts employ some of the highest levels of competency in the industry, delivering integrated building control, reliable power management, and efficient energy solutions to customers all over the world.

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    A single, open IoT system that lets you compete in today’s digital world, EcoStruxure™ is a game-changer. Discover enhanced value around safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity for your business and your customers today.

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EcoXpert Certifications

Certified on EcoStruxure™, our IoT-enabled architecture and platform, EcoXperts employ some of the highest levels of competency in the industry, delivering integrated building control, reliable power management, and efficient energy solutions to customers all over the world.
  • Badge EcoXpert Building Management Systems
    Building Management Systems Proven expertise in delivering optimized facility and energy efficiency, comfort and safety through HVAC applications. Many EcoXperts also have proven expertise in the integration of building management systems into other systems such as access control, video surveillance, lighting control and power distribution solutions. Discover our solutions for Smart Buildings
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    Connected Power Proven expertise in delivering connected electrical distribution systems in non-critical buildings, that enable measurement and manages connectivity to improve the overall operations and deliver optimized energy savings. Discover our Connected Power solutions
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    Critical Power Proven expertise in deploying power management systems, employing advanced metering networks, power quality management and best-in-class software tools to help large and critical buildings manage energy costs, improve electrical systems reliability and optimize electrical equipment performance. Discover our Critical Power solutions
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    Datacom Proven expertise in cabling infrastructure, deployment and installation of voice & data networks, ensuring state-of-the-art, long-term performance for the system and certification. Some Datacom EcoXperts have proven expertise of cabling installation into Data Centers to implement high-density solutions and ensure an outstanding bandwidth. Discover our Network Infrastructure & Connectivity solutions
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    Home & Small Business Proven skills in implementing configurable connected offers on top of electrical installations and with competence in lighting control, simple temperature control systems, security and energy management, achieving more efficient installations for homes & small businesses. Discover our Home & Small Business solutions
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    Substation Automation Proven expertise in deploying high-and medium-voltage substation automation systems, using IEDs and software tools to enable utilities and electro intensive end users to improve observability, controllability, and reliability of their electrical grid. Discover our Substation Automation solutions
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Do you work on residential projects?

Grow your business in residential offering your customers a truly and tailored connected home solution. With KNX Home Automation System you deliver comfort, efficiency and peace of mind. Discover KNX for professionals
  • Levels


    An approved EcoXpert company that has been trained and certified by Schneider Electric experts and has reached Certified level status by meeting specific business requirements and completing the training curriculum for the respective badge certification. The first project has been validated and the EcoXpert contract has been signed.


    All of the same criteria as level Certified and the EcoXpert company has reached Master level status by meeting specific business requirements and completing the advanced training curriculum for the respective badge certification.

EcoXpert Specializations

Schneider Electric offers additional training paths, which enable EcoXpert companies to become specialists in specific market segments. These advanced training opportunities allow EcoXperts to understand the criticalities faced by their customers in these segments, and to better serve their needs.
  • Healthcare

    In hospitals, outpatient facilities, and senior residences, Schneider Electric’s intelligent healthcare infrastructure solutions improve efficiency, safety, and satisfaction with the right information to the right person — anytime, anywhere. Discover how EcoStruxure™ technology is helping to shape the future of modern healthcare.

    Explore our Healthcare offer
  • Hotels

    Schneider electric provides hotels with the most comprehensive technology offer on the market, including building, guest room, security, power, energy, IT, and sustainability management, along with cloud-based services and analytics. Our IoT-based, open-protocol platform—EcoStruxure™ for Hotels —enables customers to improve operational efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption, and reinvest savings into the guest experience.

    Explore our Hotels offer
  • Real Estate

    Driven primarily by digitization, the real estate industry is undergoing unprecedented change. Together with our partners, we help customers achieve best-in-class financial performance from their real estate assets by leveraging digitization, security and sustainability. Our IoT-based, open-protocol platform—EcoStruxure for Commercial Real Estate—enables customers to improve operational efficiency and flexibility, enhance security, advance sustainable development and create amazing occupant experiences.

    Explore Real Estate solutions
  • Data Centers

    Schneider Electric offers the most comprehensive portfolio of data center infrastructure solutions, software and services in the industry. From connected offers to infrastructure management software to apps, analytics & services, we offer a simplified approach to designing, building and operating data centers that supports customers whether they are in the cloud or at the edge.

    Explore our Data Centers offer
  • Retail

    For retail chains, restaurants, and facility services companies, Schneider electric provides technology solutions that ensure business continuity, loss prevention, equipment reliability, energy and operational efficiency, and a connected, engaging shopping experience. Our IoT‐based, open‐protocol platform—EcoStruxure™ for Retail — harnesses digitization to provide best‐in‐class refrigeration, environmental, energy, IT, and security control in individual facilities or across your entire portfolio of buildings.

    Explore our Retail offer
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