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  • With the need to protect more people and data, it is easy to understand why physical Access Control plays a vital role in the overall security of a building. Access Control solutions can form part of an integrated building management system (iBMS) to meet this challenge. 

    Access Control certified EcoXperts come from a variety of backgrounds – from security solutions to building management systems, as well as data center infrastructures. Each has proven expertise in designing and installing access control solutions, including the option of intrusion detection.

    With this certification, EcoXperts can increase profitability through the deployment of EcoStruxure Security Expert across a variety of businesses.

    Deliver secure access control solutions
  • Half of the energy used in buildings is wasted because of inefficient building management systems.

    BMS-certified EcoXperts have proven expertise in delivering optimized facility and energy efficiency, comfort, and safety through HVAC applications, as well as integration expertise between BMS and access control, video surveillance, lighting control, and energy distribution systems. They also have a foundational knowledge of solution selling, including modern mechanical, electrical, temperature control, energy management, and control systems.

    With this certification, EcoXperts can increase profitability through the deployment of EcoStruxure Building solutions across a variety of businesses.

    EcoXpert Partner testimonial
  • In today’s highly competitive world, professionalism is essential. It’s what differentiates companies from their competitors. Electricians must adapt to the latest digital and smart home technologies to meet customer needs. Additionally, there is a growing need for sustainable and smart solutions for smaller sites, ranging from restaurants to shops, to distribution centers.

    Home and Small Business certified EcoXperts focus on two specific domains, delivering true grid-to-plug solutions for home automation and small commercial sites. These solutions meet the ever-changing landscape of new energy sources with the increasing range of new technologies and IoT devices delivering value within the home.

    With this certification, EcoXperts show proven expertise in implementing configurable connected offers on top of electrical installations and with competence in lighting control, simple temperature control systems, security, and energy management.

    Introducing EcoXpert Home and Small Business
  • As buildings become more electric and digital, the need for companies that can provide customized, sustainable, and cost-efficient solutions to their customers has never been greater.

    Light & Room Control certified EcoXperts are system integrators and electrical contractors that specialize in delivering integrated lighting control and room management systems ranging from infrastructural public lighting projects to commercial buildings of all sizes and home automation solutions.

    With this certification, EcoXperts are trained on our SpaceLogic KNX or C-bus solutions, leveraging the power of our IoT-enabled EcoStruxure and Wiser platforms. With their deep application knowledge of the customer and proven expertise, our partners deliver tailored, best-in-class solutions to their customers while reducing project risk and cost.

    Integrate light and room control solutions
  • As the world becomes more electric and more digital, there is a massive need for integrators who can bridge the gap between electrical distribution and facility operations. These integrators enable the sustainability goals of their customers while augmenting overall system reliability.

    Critical Power certified EcoXperts are technicians and engineers trained on EcoStruxure edge control solutions, including EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert and EcoStruxure Power Operation. They gain expertise in critical applications like power quality monitoring, power events analysis, and energy efficiency compliance. Best-in-class products, like the PowerLogic ION9000 power meter, provide a technical foundation for these partners to build their solutions on.

    With this certification, EcoXperts lead in the field of power and energy management.

    Customer and partner success story
  • The energy industry is in the midst of a digital revolution with rapidly emerging changes. To sustain and grow, you need the relevant digital skills to thrive in this new landscape. 

    Digital Panel certified EcoXperts are panel builders and electrical contractors with extensive knowledge and proven competence in delivering efficient, tested, ethernet-ready panels. With this certification, panel builders and electrical contractors receive training to design, build, configure, test, commission, and connect their digital panels to EcoStruxure Facility Expert.

    With this certification, EcoXperts are sought-after experts in their field that bring the expertise of the EcoStruxure Power architecture to their customers.

    Design, build and connect digital panels
  • Electrical distribution is a highly competitive market with technology evolving constantly. To remain resilient, companies need to upskill to the latest digital and smart technologies that offer more value to their clients.

    Low-Voltage and Medium-Voltage Panels certified EcoXperts are panel builders with the technical expertise and advanced industry knowledge required to gain more productivity and differentiate themselves as highly recognized experts in the delivery of smart solutions. They have proven expertise in manufacturing certified low-voltage or medium-voltage switchboards, power distribution, and motor control.

    With these certifications, EcoXperts can significantly grow their business by broadening bid scopes, improving hit rates, and increasing profitability.

    Deliver certified LV or MV panels
  • The world of energy automation is massively disrupted by available digital technologies, adoption of open protocols, expansion of distributed generation, and the necessary need for cybersecurity.

    Substation Automation certified EcoXperts are trained and certified by Schneider Electric to lead this new electric world and to deliver best-in-class solutions for their clients. These partners of Schneider Electric have access to the latest offers from protection relays, controllers, RTU’s and gateways to deliver EcoStruxure Power Automation Systems.

    With this certification, EcoXperts are recognized and backed by Schneider Electric as the experts on substation automation from Medium-Voltage to Extra-High-Voltage.

    Deliver best-in-class solutions
  • In the electrical distribution business, competition is strong and constantly evolving. Digital implementation in low- and medium-voltage electrical installations opens the door to proactive maintenance against unscheduled breakdowns.

    Power Services certified EcoXperts are trained and certified by Schneider Electric to maintain operational efficiency by reselling and executing maintenance, modernization, and digital services. Our partners benefit from a high level of expertise to implement digital connectivity on installed equipment. 

    With this certification, EcoXperts partners can expand their design and installation activities to reach more opportunities and greater profitability with services.

    Introducing EcoXpert Power Services

EcoXpert segment specializations


In hospitals and senior residences, our intelligent healthcare infrastructure solutions improve efficiency, safety, and satisfaction — anytime, anywhere. Discover how EcoStruxure is helping to shape the future of modern healthcare.


Our IoT-based, open-protocol platform enables hotels to ensure exceptional guest satisfaction, improve operational efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and energy use, and meet sustainability goals.

Real Estate

Our solutions help property owners, developers and facility services companies harness digitization and the IoT, through our portfolio of apps and services for sustainable, secure buildings, and exceptional occupant experience.

Data Centers

We enable data centers and networks that are resilient, reliable, and efficient in the cloud or at the edge to include MV and LV power distribution, racks, cooling, UPS, the next-generation DCIM software, apps, analytics and services.


Retail chains, restaurants, and facility services companies need business continuity, reliability, and efficiency for a better shopping experience. Digitization enables optimal control of refrigeration, environmental, energy, IT, and security.

Life Sciences

Our IoT-based, open platform enables business continuity, product quality, greater speed, and flexibility with efficient, reliable, secure and regulatory-compliant operations, helping our customers meet sustainability goals.

Mr. Tan Tong Chow, Managing Director, IG Solutions, Master-Level Light & Room Control EcoXpert

“The EcoXpert certification is a true differentiator in a very competitive market. It is a symbol of our expertise, which our customers have grown to rely on.”

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