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Welcome to the Schneider Electric corporate Website

3 main hub locations

in India, France, and the US with many more teams worldwide.

3x growth

of the AI team since 2021.


between our EcoStruxureTM ecosystem and our technology partners such as Microsoft and AVEVA.

What makes us different

AI for good

We challenge AI with the most pressing questions: climate change, energy efficiency, business resiliency. Our AI solutions are driven by our customers’ needs to be more efficient and sustainable, but also our own need to deliver on the promise of sustainable development and access to energy for all.

Agile, empowered, scalable

You take ownership of your work, and we strive to make bold ideas come to light. Through an agile framework, empowered teams, and our AI strategy at a scale, we experiment, learn from failures, and disrupt the status quo. The solutions we design bring massive value to our customers and internal operators.

Inclusive and ethical AI

Our AI, like everything we do, adheres to the high standards of governance and ethics we embrace. We anticipate potential bias and address discrimination risks by using state-of-the-art responsible AI techniques and are committed to the fair, unbiased, and ethical use of AI.

It's time for data and AI at scale

The power of AI lies in its ability to help humans make smarter, faster, and more sustainable decisions that rely on hard facts and enormous amounts of data. Peter Weckesser, our Chief Digital Officer, explains how we put data to work and empower customers and employees alike with unprecedented, unbiased insights.

Hear from our AI Team

Philippe, Chief AI Officer

"If we, or our customers and partners, want to capture insights, predict, simulate, and make agile decisions in volatile business conditions, AI is our best ally.​"

Ana, Data Scientist

"The most appealing in the role within AI hub that led me to join the team is the opportunity to work on diverse, complex, and high impact problems related to core challenges for my generation."

Disha, Senior Analyst

"We have freedom of experimentation with designing and building models in agile environment ensuring efficiency and ideation in delivery."

Vanya, AI Product Manager

"It is exciting to be part of an organization at the top of new technologies and to work with key partners, customers, and external companies to shape the future."

Dimitri, AI Architect

"To address the new challenges and targets, Schneider Electric strongly supports the data teams with tooling, upskilling, attractive offices, cool, and competent people."

Giusy, Data Lead

"By contributing to the development of more and more powerful AI technologies and solutions to provide overall efficiency, I feel enrolled in the process to build a more sustainable world and society."

Build your future in our AI Hub

Do you want to use your skills to have a positive impact on the planet and sustainability while working on solving challenging business problems with AI?
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