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Do I need a braking unit for my ATV930 if I'm connecting a dynamic braking resistor?

Is an external braking module required to use a dynamic braking resistor with an ATV930 drive?

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Altivar 930

Where a DB resistor is needed

Does the drive need an additional braking unit?

If your ATV930's part number has a "C" at the end, it does not have an internal braking transistor. It will need an external braking unit installed in order to connect a braking resistor.

For 230V size 6 drives (ATV930D55M3C, ATV930D75M3C) see part number: VW3A7106
For 400-460V size 6 drives (ATV930C11N4C, ATV930C13N4C, ATV930C16N4C) see part number: VW3A7105
For 400-460V size 7 drives (ATV930C25N4C, ATV930C31N4C) see part number: VW3A7101

3rd party braking modules may not work with the ATV930 size 7 drives.
Consult your ADM (Area Drives Manager) for assistance if you are considering this.

Note: This information only applies to the ATV900 drive series. Braking units and resistors cannot be installed on the ATV600 drive series drives.

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