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What are the basic steps for commissioning a Lexium 32C drive for velocity mode?

Using SoMove commissioning software connect to the LXM32C drive and follow these basic steps.

1. In basic configuration section, setup the drive for mode "Profile Velocity"
2. Restart the drive from SoMove  ( Device > User Functions > Restart Drive )
3. Navigate to the I/O functions parameters and assign the IO as required for your application
4. Restart the drive from SoMove  ( Device > User Functions > Restart Drive )
5. Navigate to the Analog input settings and adjust the analog scaling to determine what speed is required at +/- 10v input
6. Navigate to the PTO settings and adjust the PTO output scaling to deliver the correct number of output counts per revolution in relationship to that of the motor shaft. ( Note that this parameter is critical for accurate positioning in a closed loop system )
7. Test motion to see if your settings provide accurate and reliable motion, If so, save the settings to the drive eeprom ( Device > User Functions > save device parameters to EEPROM )
8. Perform auto-tune to achieve good drive gain settings.  ( Note that auto-tune is best done when the machine is "loaded" for normal operational loads )
9. Save these final settings to EEPROM
10. Finally, disconnect from the drive with the SoMove disconnect icon and save the parameter file so that you have a known set of working parameters archived for any future needs.

Rev 7-20-20

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