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    The digital transformation that drives profitability

    Empower your workforce to make better operating and business decisions in real-time. Join our live webcast to learn how to achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity in the O&G industry.

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    Join us at the 2018 World Petrochemical Conference

    As a strategic sponsor, we look forward to discussing agile business models that improve compliance, streamline process innovation, and enable a culture focused on operational excellence. Visit us in 340B Meeting Room for more insights.

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    Technology helps executives secure project payback in a low oil price era

    Make the most of your Oil & Gas project life cycle with solutions that maximize the profitability on each stage. Discover the benefits of engineering simulation; a new power distribution and supply approach; integrated power, process and safety management and virtual training.

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    Greener Oil Strategies for Sustainability and Profitability

    How to increase sustainability performance with existing strategies and operations to be more profitable in the near and long term.

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    • Enhanced reliability and safety Protect your oil and gas plant from security risks through redundant architectures, distributed control systems, and insight and training for critical systems.
    • Accelerated IoT connectivity Our information management solutions provide better outcome management, improved asset performance, and superior operations and execution.
    • Efficient day-to-day operations We empower simplicity to manage oil and gas plant operations through ease of use, scalability, and secure, standards-based integration.
    • Integration of sustainability We ensure efficiency and sustainability by helping you define a strategy, implement efficiency plans, and monitor performance for optimized operations.
    > Discover all EcoStruxure™ architectures

    EcoStruxure™ for Oil and Gas

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    • The Impact of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Oil & Gas Industry Value Chain

      Explore three key IIoT concepts that are transforming the Oil & Gas industry business model in fast and dramatic ways.

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      Worker with tablet computer in front of oil rig, oil and gas, sustainability reporting, internet of things.
    • Integrating Process and Power Automation: A value for the Oil & Gas Industry

      Outlining a strategy for merging Process and Power Management functions to succeed in achieving improved operational efficiency and lowered operational costs.

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      Two industrial service engineers conduct a safety check of a control panel and boiler room at a power station.
    • Shift to Gas: A Contribution on the Path to Sustainability

      Natural gas offers a key step in the transition from high-CO2 emission fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. This white paper examines the implications and benefits of a shift to gas conversion.

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      Sphere tank of storage gas and liquid chemical, Petrochemical industry concept.

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